Ullal Thangal


Ex Khazi of Ullal

Alhaj Assayyid K. Abdul Rahiman Al-Buqari, ex Khazi of Ullal and Principal of Sayyid Madani Arabic College, Ullal born in the year 1920 at Karuvanthurithi Kilakka Thangal veetil of Kerala. Started his preliminary Arabic Education under the guidance of usthad Puttanveetil Muhammed musliyar. Started his career as mudarris at Karuvanthuruthi,Kerala.He is the Moulavi Fazil Baqari.

He was the President of Jamia Sa-adiya Arabic College, Samastha kerala Sunni Jam-iyyathul Ulema and advisor of markaz Saqafathssunniya and All India Sunni Jam-iyyathul Ulema and Qazi of a number of places in Karnataka and kerala. He was a Mudarris at ullal in the year 1950 and assumed the charge of the Principal of Sayyid Madani Arabic College Ullal in the year 1971 and became the qazi of Ullal on 09-11-1978.On completion of his 50 year of meritorious service at ullal he was awarded the title of TAJUL ULEMA in the year 2000. He was a very learned scholar in Arabic and visited various places of the world. Under his guidance and directions the management of ullal Jamath is able to run and manage the various institutions in and around ullal.

Ullal Thangal depart his life on 01.02.2014 at 03.40p.m. at his son’s house ( Kura Thangal ) at Ettikulam in PAYANGADI in Kannur District.

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