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  • Seyyid Madani
    "Grand Look of Ullal Juma Masjid On Ullal Darga Uroos"
  • seyyid madani
    "Ullal Juma Masjid(402) & Sayyid Mohammed Shareeful Madani Darga "
  • Seyyid Madani
    "Grand Look of Ullal Juma Masjid On Ullal Darga Uroos "
  • 2015 Ullal Uroos
    "2015 Ullal Darga Photo"
  • Ullal Darga On day Time
    "Ullal Darga On day Time"

What History Says

The histroy says that saint came to ullal around 500 year ago from the holy city of madina in Saudi arebia by floating across the sea on piece of chader or musalla. He camped at a small masjid in melangadi area, which is the present juma masjid for ullal,permannur, someshwar kotekar and jeppinamogeru villages.

The Saint led a very pious and simple life. His simplicity and devotion of faith, love towords the poor attracted villagers. The villagers were poring towards in because he used to solve their problems through his prayers and spiritual powers. Hearing of his miraculous healing people irrespective of caste and creed flocked to ullal have a glimpse and blessing of the saint. Later on the saint married a girl from a poor and respectable family.

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Historical Ullal Uroos to be held in April 2015 2015-04-02
The historical Uroos of Hazrath Sayyad Madani Ullal Juma Masjid will be held from April 2 to 26, 2015," said Al Haji U S Hamza, president of Ullal Juma Masjid. He was addressing the media persons in the press club on Wednesday September 10 He said, “The five yearly 20th Uroos of the Masjid will begin with the monthly Dikr Majlis on April 2 and end with the ‘Annadaana’ on 26. The formal conclusion ceremony of the Uroos will be held on April 23 and on the night of 25th sandal procession will be organized. 20 to 30 lac people are expected to participate. The religious preaching of Ulema’s will be held every night." He said that food would be served everyday and in the ‘Annadaana’ programme of last day food would be served continuously for 24 hours. He also said that about 12 tons of lamb meat was expected to be used. “This Masjid has been known as the Ajmer of south India. People, irrespective of caste and creed across come here and pray, ” he added. Vice president Ashraf Ahmed and secretary U T Ilyas were also present.
Zikr Halka 2015-04-02
Insha allah the next zikr halka will be on April 2.
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Ullal Darga is situated at Ullal. It is also known as Ajmeer Of Karnataka. The Ullal darga is famous for Uroos fair has an interesting history behind its presence. Located about 10 kms from the heart of the city the darga is easily accessible by buses, auto-rickshaws ans taxis.

The Dargah to commemorate Saint Sayyid Mohammed Shareeful Madani, located in Ullal in South Kanara, has been drawing pilgrims from all faiths. Legend has it that about 400 years ago,

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