Health Programmes

In addition to their contributions towards education, the Seyyid Madani Shareeful Madani Darga Main Committee and Seyyid Madani Charitable Trust have also been actively involved in providing healthcare assistance to the people of Ullal and surrounding areas.

The trust has established a Charitable Trust Hospital that provides high-quality medical facilities to patients from all walks of life. The hospital is equipped with modern medical equipment and staffed with highly trained medical professionals who offer round-the-clock medical assistance to patients.

The trust has also introduced a Poor Health Card in association with Yenepoya Hospital Deralakatte, which offers free medical treatment to underprivileged individuals who cannot afford medical care. This initiative has been successful in providing much-needed medical assistance to those in need and has helped many people regain their health.


Seyyid Madani Shareeful Madani Darga, a renowned spiritual center in India, recently conducted a blood camp to encourage blood donation and save lives. In addition to this, the darga also offers medical assistance to the poor and needy in the surrounding areas. Their dedicated efforts towards social welfare reflect their commitment to serving humanity and spreading positivity.

The trust has also been conducting student health checkups in various schools and colleges in the region to ensure that students receive proper medical care and attention. They also organize health camps in remote areas to provide medical assistance to people who do not have access to medical facilities.

Furthermore, the trust provides medical assistance to individuals who require it but cannot afford it. They also conduct health awareness programs to educate people about various health issues and the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The efforts of Seyyid Madani Shareeful Madani Darga Main Committee and Seyyid Madani Charitable Trust towards healthcare have been commendable. They have been working tirelessly to ensure that people in Ullal and surrounding areas receive the medical assistance they require. Their efforts have helped many people regain their health and lead a better life.

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